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From Brazil to the world, SmartFastPay simplifies access to local and reliable payment methods, allowing merchants worldwide to leverage their businesses in Latin America.





We work without geographical barriers!

We understand that immersing ourselves in different cultures and deeply knowing the markets we want to uncomplicate is what sets us apart.

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Rua Miguel Matte, 687 - Ed. Evolution Corporate Sala 1201, SC
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Cl. 93 #18-28, oficina 602
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We are in more than 4 countries

and growing!

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It's about people, business connection, and transformation

At SmartFastPay, we believe that with technology and commitment, we can bring financial services to anyone, banked or not, regardless of their financial condition, satisfying daily payment needs, with access to services and products from large companies.

Only by deeply understanding, end-to-end, the people and characteristics of each country can we deliver our solutions with quality, security, and support to reach such diversity and impact people and businesses.

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What it's like to be part of SmartFastPay?

Being part of the SmartFastPay team brings me immense gratitude! Here we are challenged every day to be better, overcome obstacles, chase dreams, and have the courage to face any battle. In addition to believing in the company's culture and values, I have a lot of admiration and pride for the people I work with. Here at SmartFastPay, I feel that together we will go further!

Juliano Paris's avatar

Juliano Paris

In less than a year at SmartFastPay, I can already affirm that it is the best company I have ever worked for. The atmosphere of unity and partnership is truly contagious, inspiring us to always go further. Here, when we say 'we're together', we know we can count on each other. It's more than a job, it's a collective journey of growth and mutual support.

Renato Carvalho's avatar

Renato Carvalho

Working at SmartFastPay is exciting and rewarding, as we play a crucial role in the global economy, seek constant innovation, and deal with compliance challenges. Team collaboration is key, making the experience enriching.

Alysson Deniz's avatar

Alysson Deniz


What drives our work

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We act ethically and honestly, attentive to compliance with all regulations, and transparent in processing values.
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We allocate professionals in the countries we serve to deeply understand the payment methods and the needs of the population. This ensures assertive and quality solutions.
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We offer close support, from end to end: from business to customer. We follow the system's integration, its maintenance, and are available to assist your customer.
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We understand the importance of a good payment experience and guarantee the quality in the provision of our services.
GPTW what drives our work

Be Smart and Connect to LatAm, Anywhere in the World, Anytime.

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Top questions answered

FAQ Portal
What does SmartFastPay do? Toggle content

SmartFastPay Technology and Services is a Brazilian company that offers local payment methods for national or international websites. We process payments in local currency or market-specific solutions. To use our services, you must be registered on the partner Sites to whom we offer the services.

As SmartFastPay is a payment and technology company, we do not have the autonomy to cancel and/or decide any internal processes of our partners. Therefore, all information about delivery, tracking, refunds, and other details of your purchase should be requested directly from your shopping site.

How long does it take to confirm my payment? Toggle content

The payment processing time may vary according to the payment method used.

We do not have autonomy over the processing time since we depend on the settlement/confirmation of the bank. When we receive the payment confirmation from the bank, the transaction is automatically approved, and the credit is sent to the purchase site.

If the indicated processing time has exceeded the expected period, we ask that you contact the purchase site sending the payment voucher.

  • PIX: Instantaneous or up to 11 minutes
  • Traditional Boleto: Between 24h to 72h
  • Credit Card: Instantaneous
  • Debit Card: Instantaneous
  • TED Bank Transfer: If made within business hours, TED transfers can take up to 2 hours to be identified by the receiving bank and compensated in your contact's account. However, if transfers are made outside business hours or on weekends, they will be scheduled for the next business day.
  • DOC Bank Transfer: an option for transfers from one bank to another, when performed until 9:59 PM on a business day, the operation is compensated on the next business day. After this time and on weekends and holidays, the credit only occurs on the second business day.

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