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Payments and Withdrawals

I have an unknown charge on my bank statement, on my bill, or on my DDA Toggle content

If you have received a payment order in our name through a third party, without knowing the destination of your money, we ask you to contact our customer service department and send us as much information as possible (CPF or CNPJ number, the received boleto), so that we can conduct an internal investigation.

We clarify that neither we nor our partners contact or send bank slips through the WhatsApp application or similar. Therefore, do NOT make any payments originating from these means of communication.

Can I make a payment through my CNPJ? Toggle content

No. SmartFastPay does not accept payments from legal entities. If you have made a payment through a CNPJ, you should communicate with the partner site where you made the purchase, providing the data (Name, CNPJ, amount, and date of purchase) and request a refund. (refund fees may apply)

I made a payment, but I did not receive the amount on the platform. What should I do? Toggle content

First, check the payment receipt you received and confirm that it is not a scheduling voucher.

If the payment amount was deducted from the bank account, but the payment was not confirmed, depending on the partner site where you made the purchase, you should contact the support informing the occurrence, or talk to us through our customer service channel, sending the proof of this payment along with the registration information of your account on the purchase site (Name and CPF). We remind you that for each payment method, the processing time may vary. If you prefer, you can use WhatsApp - +55 47 9 96422689 / email [email protected]

How to request a withdrawal through SmartFastPay? Do I need to register? Toggle content

No. It is not necessary to have an account with us. The refund request must be made directly through the partner site's page. If the site approves your request, they will communicate directly with SmartFastPay to process your withdrawal.

All bank account, Pix, or other withdrawal method information must be provided correctly and without special characters. We remind you that the withdrawal request may take up to 5 business days to complete.

What happens if I transfer a different amount than what I requested? Toggle content

Always transfer the exact amount of your request. If a different amount is transferred, the deposit cannot be completed automatically by our system.

If the deposit is not completed, the customer must contact the purchase site and inform that they made a different amount than their request, so that either a refund is made or credit is released. (refund fees may apply)

What is the response time for a query/complaint? Toggle content

The response time by email is up to 2 business days. We ask that in the initial contact the customer already sends us a complete description of their doubt or problem, along with the account data (email, CPF) and the payment voucher.

You can also contact us through WhatsApp +55 47 9 96422689

How long does it take to confirm my payment? Toggle content

The payment processing time may vary according to the payment method used.

We do not have autonomy over the processing time since we depend on the settlement/confirmation of the bank. When we receive the payment confirmation from the bank, the transaction is automatically approved, and the credit is sent to the purchase site.

If the indicated processing time has exceeded the expected period, we ask that you contact the purchase site sending the payment voucher.

  • PIX: Instantaneous or up to 11 minutes
  • Traditional Boleto: Between 24h to 72h
  • Credit Card: Instantaneous
  • Debit Card: Instantaneous
  • TED Bank Transfer: If made within business hours, TED transfers can take up to 2 hours to be identified by the receiving bank and compensated in your contact's account. However, if transfers are made outside business hours or on weekends, they will be scheduled for the next business day.
  • DOC Bank Transfer: an option for transfers from one bank to another, when performed until 9:59 PM on a business day, the operation is compensated on the next business day. After this time and on weekends and holidays, the credit only occurs on the second business day.
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